South Asia History  

South Asia is a diverse land with several different cultures in one part of the world. The Indian subcontinent forms the major part of South Asia along with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Among all these countries, Maldives and Sri Lanka are the smallest. Nepal and Bhutan are also the modern countries of South Asia.

However, when we are talking about history, so many boundaries did not exist some centuries ago. Everything was counted under the Indian sub continent. Until India gained its independence from the British on 15 August of 1947, it had been through several invasions by the Moghuls, and various other people including the Persians, French and the Dutch. Within India, several kings from various ethnicities ruled. The Northern parts of India were mainly subject to the Muslim rule.

Muslim continued to invade several parts like the Western ranges of India and also South India. However, they were not successful in these parts as the Kings were much stronger with their cavalry to support them. After the British rule started somewhere in the 15th century, there were two main groups ruling over the world. One was the Moghuls and the other was the British. The British tried to gain control through negotiations.

After India gained its independence, immediately the partition followed and Pakistan was formed at the same time. India now comprises of 26 States, and several other countries also separated like Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet and became individual countries by themselves. However, the history of all the South Asian countries is entwined with each other.

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South Asia History




The-History-Of-The-Goverment-Of-South-Asia      South Asia has a rich and diverse history. Today, there are nearly seven countries in the South Asian region. However, during historic times all these seven countries were merged as one and were known by the name of Indian subcontinent. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh were all one part of land. More..




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