The History Of The Goverment Of South Asia  

South Asia has a rich and diverse history. Today, there are nearly seven countries in the South Asian region. However, during historic times all these seven countries were merged as one and were known by the name of Indian subcontinent. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh were all one part of land.

India was mainly under the rule of kings and that was the main form of government. India was divided by the king’s rule and several different kings ruled the region for thousands of years. India has always had been subject to invasion from various countries. Even Alexander the Great invaded India, but he never ruled the country and he left.

India was subject to invasion from the Moghuls, and the Persians who came in large armies. The Moghuls ruled for the longest period of time over India until the British came and disintegrated them. The British were in India for nearly three centuries. Even the Dutch and the French tried to rule, but after the British came they had to leave. However, the people of India started resisting the British Rule and started fighting against them. There was also a constant unrest over religious issues within India. The Hindus were vehemently against the Muslims, and vice versa.

India finally gained independence from the British in 1947. Soon after the land had to are divided based on Hindus and Muslims and the Muslims left for Pakistan. After Pakistan formed, there was peace for four decades. However, there were ethnic tensions in Bhutan and Bangladesh which led to the formation of these countries.

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The History Of The Goverment Of South Asia




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The History Of The Goverment Of South Asia )
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