An Anarchist History Of Southeast Asia  

An anarchist society is one which does not have any laws and rules imposed on the people. People took their own decisions which may harm others and also there was a lot of chaos in such a form of society. Several countries across the world have almost never had an anarchy form of rule. However, it did exist in some parts of Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asian history spans some millions of people who lived in the mountainous regions of China, Burma, India and other Southeast Asian countries.

A lot of these people had fled to the mountains to escape slavery, labor and taxes. These people were actually victims of a faulty government rule. The people came from various parts of Southeast Asia, and had different cultural backgrounds. A lot of fugitive populations started forming lands of their own in the mountains. Outside Asia, these people started forming their own distinct identity, culture and traditions in a way that suited them. They also eventually became ungovernable, and there were too many smaller tribes.

One of the classic examples in Southeast Asia for anarchical rule is Burma, which is also known as Myanmar. Burma is a land stricken with severe problems on various counts even today. There are hundreds of indigenous tribes living here that do not agree with each other or with a common form like a government. Some of the effects of anarchical rule can also be seen in Pakistani and Afghanistan. However, Burma is one country which stands as a classic example to the rest of the world and is a poor example of migration.

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An Anarchist History Of Southeast Asia




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