Civilization History In Southeast Asia  

Southeast Asia mainly encompasses countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Sumatra, Java, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Burma. These countries were actually merged with India several thousands of years ago. So, in most of the countries, you will find similar cultures and religious practices. However, due to colonization and various other influences religions like Christianity and Islam also took over.

Hinduism is widely followed in Southeast Asia even today. People worshipped common gods, and much of their traditional practices were same. You find the similarity even in marriage and death rituals. Some of the languages spoken by people in these countries also sound very similar. For instance, languages spoken in the Philippines and Bali or Java are very similar to a language that is derived from Sanskrit. All these countries have temples that look very similar to the temples of southern India.

The civilization of India had a major influence on the scripts. Languages, cultural customs, calendars, art and other rituals of these countries Kingdoms like Vijayanagara Empire of Southern India had its influences on the kingdom of Sumatra. Indian scholars have also traveled across these lands and spread the prominence of Hinduism to these countries.

Recently archaeologists found temples in Cambodia in places like Angkor Watt. Also the Mongols and the Islamic traders were sea farers and when they traveled to Southeast Asia they spread their religions. After the 12th century, Buddhism spread very rapidly in these parts and today, it is one of the main religions to be followed. But there are other religions too, including Christianity and Hinduism.

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Civilization History In Southeast Asia




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