History Of Human Trafficking Southeast Asia  

Southeast Asia is one of the main parts of world where human trafficking looms at large even today. It is estimated that nearly two hundred and fifty thousand people are trafficked from here every year. Also, most of the trafficking takes place within the Southeast Asian region.

One of the report shows that Hindu girls from Nepal and Bhutan are being purchased by Indian men to be their brides. The men might be much older and the girls much younger. The same is the case with Muslim girls in India who are being purchased by the rich Arab sheikhs.

In Asia, Japan, which is a very developed country, happens to be the destination for trafficked girls from the Philippines and Thailand. Most of these girls are forced into prostitution. Prostitution and illegal marriages are the two main reasons for trafficking girls and women.

Children are trafficked for various reasons like illegal adoption, child prostitution and much more. In Thailand, women are forced into strip clubs and live sex acts. The sex industry is now playing a major role in trafficking of men also.

There are more than three thousand women and children who are involved in prostitution in Southeast Asia alone. Thai women are sold in Japan and women from Philippines are sold in Japan and China. UNICEF had estimated that nearly sixty thousand children are involved in prostitution and all of them have been trafficked from countries like India, Thailand, and Philippines. Women who flee from war stricken places like Burma come through the borders of India and voluntarily take to prostitution in order to earn a livelihood.

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History Of Human Trafficking Southeast Asia




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