History Of Medicine In Southeast Asia  

Southeast Asia mainly includes Burma, Indochina region, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and other smaller regions on the coast. A large part of the Atlantic coast is taken by Indian subcontinent. These parts of land have been occupied for millions of years and even prehistoric men and women have lived here.

Over the millions of years, the land has developed several cultural traditions and has formed many different kinds of religions and people. Different kinds of cultures have flourished in these fertile soils.

People have been practicing medicine for thousands of years in Southeast Asia. When you go into the history of medicine in Southeast Asia you will find several influences from the ancient traditions of China and India on these regions. People practice ancient sciences or medicine like ayurveda, homeopathy and herbal treatments. One of the main ways to treat people was using herbs and plant extracts. People also conducted small surgeries as evidences of scalpel were found in these parts. Childbirth, for example, was always overseen by an aged doctor who would visit the pregnant mother and perform all the rituals necessary. They used antiseptic preparations and also administered some kind of antibiotics made out of herbs and plant extracts. Both Chinese and Indians made these concoctions.

This kind of treatment is still being followed and in fact sciences like herbal treatments and ayurvedic medications have been acknowledge aiding the conventional medicine that we have today. Though these medical practices were slow they were found to be effective. There are several more like acupuncture and acupressure that were ancient form of treatments.

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History Of Medicine In Southeast Asia




Southeast-Asia-History      The history of Southeast Asia can be classified into regional influences and foreign influences. Actually there is no part of Asia that has not come under colonization. Also there are several countries within Southeast Asia, and each country has been influenced by the other. For example, the Malay empire was severely influenced by the Sri Vijaya Empire of India. And, the Malacca civilization influenced Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The Burmese and Thai people were influenced by the Indo-China region. More..




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