The Early History Of Southeast Asia  

The history of South Asia is a vast one which has had several influences of multitude of cultures. There was a close regional influence and also a major foreign influence in the form of colonization. All countries were intertwined with each other in the form of cultural influences they had on one another. Trade was very much active between the South Asian countries and Indian subcontinent through land and sea. At that time the Srivijaya Empire had a major influence on most of them.

The land forms of Southeast Asia revealed several stone tools that were very similar to the tools used in the Indian subcontinent. So, these regions have always been united since prehistoric times.

The prehistoric age can be called as the early history of Southeast Asia. Some of the first known inhabitants were called Java man who existed some fifty thousand years ago. These men were slightly different from the current day human beings through their bone structures and skull shape.

The oldest human beings settled in Malaysia in the Niah caves. The human remains that were found in these countries could have been more than forty thousand years old. Some of the other remains belonged to the Perak Man. Then came the Flores Man and all these were prehistoric people. There were also evidences of cave paintings. The oldest habitation that was discovered in the Philippines and it dates back to more than twenty thousand years. It was found in the Tabon Caves. Other evidences like jewelry, stones and utensils were also found.

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The Early History Of Southeast Asia




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