History Of Islam In The Middle East And North Africa  

Islam conquests also known as Muslim conquests was mainly about the Arab people who were very interested in expanding their regions through conquering various countries this type of invasion began after the death of Prophet Muhammad. The Muslims of Arab origin believed in expanding their horizons rapidly, and they fought several wars for that. They wanted to be the most powerful people in the entire world.

Equally, the Arabs were very strong and they could easily conquer countries with their huge armies. The Arabs conquered India, some parts of China, Middle East, North Africa, Italy, and the Iberian Peninsula.

One of the main conquests for the Muslims was in the North African region. Africa was under no specific rule and it was mostly a land of tribes. Several different smaller tribes lived in North Africa. They were mainly into hunting and cultivation for their survival. North Africa was very rich in mineral resources and other natural wealth like gold and diamonds. The Muslims knew this, and they were consistently in the conquest for gold. Invading North Africa was very easy for the Arabs as there was no resistance from any kind of kingdom. They spread all over Egypt. Even today, the main population of Egypt is the Arab population. Through the Arabs, even Islam spread as a religion to several parts of North Africa. Egypt follows Islam mainly and even other countries of North Africa follow Islam. The Muslim conquests were also the main reason for the fall of Byzantine and Sassanid Empires.

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History Of Islam In The Middle East And North Africa




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History Of Islam In The Middle East And North Africa )
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