History Of The Modern Middle East  

Modern Middle East is mainly ruled by the Muslims and it has been through several changes and also a lot of political strife. The history of modern Middle East can be counted from the 19th century. By the beginning of 19th century, several westerners saw that Middle East was a major region of conflict, and also there was severe backwardness.

People were very conservative in their lifestyle and were not open to change. It has been a severely Muslim dominated country where women were not giving equal rights and also there was a lot of unrest between the Muslims and the Christians of the region. Democracy was expanding as a form of government rapidly in Latin America, Europe and East Asia. Most of the trade boats had to cross Middle East. Very few regions of the Middle East were democratic like parts of Turkey, Israel, and Lebanon. In the Persian Gulf most of the people did not even have voting rights and they were severely dominated by Monarchial rule. Most of the rulers were unfair and ungiving to its people. In this kind of political system only the rich got richer.

However, after Saddam Hussein came in the 1970s, the region started flourishing for a while. There was a lot of progress and it was seen in cities like Dubai. Most of the Middle Eastern countries were stricken with corruption and cynicism in the society. By the 1990, Middle East was completely behind compared to the rest of the world. Some of the fastest growing economies by then were India and China.

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History Of The Modern Middle East




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