History Of Women Of The Middle East  

Middle East is a zone of conflict even today. First it was between Israel and Palestine which continues even today. The Taliban rule was devastating for the Middle East and Afghanistan is one of the main countries that suffered severe losses. There was absolutely no political stability, and no form of government which could take over to guide the country. In such situation, the women of the Middle East suffered the most.

Women in Middle East never had voting rights. In some parts, women were not even allowed to step outside the house. They had no role to play in the society. Women were shunned against meeting in public places or talking outside their homes. They had no right to education. The punishments rendered to women were severe like flogging and sometimes stoning them to death.

Several of these practices are continued even today. Middle Eastern women were ill-treated and put to death for the smallest of offences. For example, if a man believed his wife to be cheating on him, then he could kill her and get away with it. Though Islam believes in divorce, the people in Middle East did not give this right to women.

Girl children who were under the age of 18 were married to men thrice their age. There are several non government organizations in the Middle East who work for the betterment of women. However, they have no achievements per se even after 4 decades of dedicated work. Women of the Middle East suffer from various stigmas such as lack of education, marital rights, and also health choices.

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History Of Women Of The Middle East




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