Cold War Historical Timeline  

The Cold War started in 1945 and ended in 1991 and perhaps it was the longest silence in history in the form of a war. There were several events and important milestones that affected various countries during this so-called war.

Although the Cold War went on for nearly 4 decades, here is a brief time line of some of the major events that kept fueling this war. Two countries played a major role in the cold war and they were the Soviet Union and the United States of America.

Cold War Historical Timeline:

In the 1940s:

After the Yalta Conference was held in February 1945 the Cold war began.
In the same year, the United States used the first atomic bomb in August 1945 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
August 1945 Soviet Union and Japan go to war with each other.
August 1945, exactly after one week, Japan surrenders.
June 1947, the Marshall Plan was announced.
In February 1948 communists finally take over Czechoslovakia.
In June 1948 the Berlin blockade starts.
In 1949, Soviet Union uses the first atomic bomb in September.

In the 1950s:

The Korean War begins in 1950.
In 1954 Russia establishes the KGB.
In the same year in July 1954 Vietnam splits.
In 1955 May the Warsaw Pact was signed.
In October 1957 the Sputnik was launched in space by the Russians.
In 1959 Cuba is taken over by Fidel Castro.

In the 1960s:

In 1960, a United States spy plane was shot down by the Russian officials as per claims made by the Soviet Union.
In 1961 the Bay of Pigs was invaded, Berlin border as closed, the US started interfering with Vietnam.

Incidents like the above continued until the Warsaw Pact ended the Cold War in 1991 and the initiative for the same was taken by the Soviet Union.

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Cold War Historical Timeline




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