Did The United States Win The Cold War ?  

Did The United States Win The Cold War ?? Yes, they won the Cold War and there was no doubt in it. One of the main reasons was the Soviet Union losing its economic power by constantly feeding the war.

Also, as the oil prices fell, the Soviet Union saw a steep downfall in its economic growth. In addition, Ronald Reagan stepped up the arms and ammunitions race and also included the space program so that towards the end the Cold War was more like Star Wars.

The Soviet Union had a lot of power in terms of manpower, arms and ammunitions. Their military size was huge and yet they lost. The United States took over the west completely and left Russia with no say. By the end of the Cold War the Soviet Union's military power demanding was so that it was consuming most of the nation’s income leaving no scope for other kinds of development to happen.

To restructure the economy of the country, Mikhail Gorbachev had to call for immediate reforms and measures to support the cause. The only way out was to end the Cold War amicably or just back out of it.

In 1991, this led the Russians to come out of the Warsaw Pact and calling off decades long war with the United States without dialogue. In the end, actually there was no outcome of the Cold War and only an extension of harsh feelings between the two countries remained until date.

In 1989, even though President George W.Bush and Gorbachev announced to the world that the Cold War was over in an official conference the aftermath of it remains even today for all to see.

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Did The United States Win The Cold War ?




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