What Are The Reasons Why The Cold War Started ?  

The Cold War actually started soon after the World War II. Several countries were involved in the Second World War including the Soviet Union and after that America were extremely insecure because of the seemingly Russian might and power. In addition, the American government was against communism.

This was the reason why the Cold War lasted so long between the Americans and Russians. However, there were several other factors that influenced the duration of the war. Politically Germany played a big role in the Cold War. The country was split into two and the Berlin Wall was built. The west side was controlled by the Europeans and the right side was controlled by the Soviets. So, the United States influenced European-controlled Germany to fight the Soviet Union by supplying free arms under the Marshall Plan. The main reason the US did this was to show the Soviet Union that they had the ability to use the atomic bomb.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was made to keep the Soviet Union under constant vigil. It had twenty six countries from Belgium to the United Kingdom on the world map. The Suez Canal crisis cropped up where the NATO countries attacked Egypt and the US who were upset about it asked them to stop immediately. In the mean time, the Russians launched the Sputnik spacecraft adding to the worries of the United States. For them both, it was a race where one was getting ahead of the other constantly. However, it was a never ending race. The United States is the only country that used the atomic bomb and scared Russia. They tried to copy and build something similar. Then the US started building the hydrogen bomb as an answer.

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What Are The Reasons Why The Cold War Started ?




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What Are The Reasons Why The Cold War Started ? )
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