What Countries Were Involved In The Cold War ?  

The Cold War was mainly between the United States and the Soviet Union. However, it affected several other countries that were members of the NATO and also countries like Germany and Afghanistan. The Cold War signified a global struggle for power where one country wanted to be on top of the other.

Each country wanted to be a superpower and each one was exhibiting their bombs and destructive weapons. It was all about who had more muscles. No war is worth when it lasts for 45 years and kills several hundreds people and causing unrest among the nations for four decades. Several generations disappeared in the worries and strife caused by the Cold War.

In the Cold War, no country engaged in a direct war by assaulting each other. However, they affected other countries to go to war and both the United States and the Soviet Union were fueling their enmity by supporting their respective enemies. Some of the countries that got affected by the ugly war are Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Panama and Czechoslovakia. Both Americans and Russians were looking around for other wars going on in the world and started taking opposite sides to show their power. Both of them were nuclear power and both were scared of each other. Nobody wanted to drop a nuclear bomb first. The problem was both did not know whose nuclear weapon was stronger. That is why both nations kept an ever running arms race on to ensure that if they were ever attacked, they would be well-prepared.

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What Countries Were Involved In The Cold War




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