Why Was The Cold War Important ?  

The Cold War could have been avoided but it happened anyway. However, it was important because it mostly took place among the free nations of the world. The communist nations did not allow basic human freedom and the United States harbored ill-will against the communists.

The United States was already considered a superpower when the Cold War started and it took the leadership of stopping communism from spreading worldwide. This brought it into a major clash with the Soviet Union, which was the most powerful communist nation at that time. In this war the west and the east came under a major divide where the west was led by the United States and the east was led by the Soviet Union. However, the two major leaders never went to war with each other directly. There was a lot of hostility among the two countries.

The Cold War also ear marked some of the major events in world history like the Berlin Wall being erected, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Cuban missile crisis. All these incidents took place in the interim period of the Cold War.

This war between the United States and the Soviet Union did have some effect on the wars that were already going on but one can say confidently that these wars were not caused directly because of the Cold War. However, a lot of these economies suffered the biggest blow. Japan for example had to suffer for several years to come after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb incident. Nonetheless, experts believe that the Cold War actually started when the United States decided to drop the first atomic bomb on Japan, shocking the entire world with a show of its military strength.

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Why Was The Cold War Important




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