The Importance Of The Crusades  

The events in the 12th and 13th centuries had many long lasting effects on the civilization to follow. The seeds of animosity laid then on the basis of intolerance by different religions saw the beginning of the crusade. In this 21st century, we still witness bloodshed and hatred based on the same issue of religion.


Crusade was the name given to the holy war which was fought against people who were regarded as opponents of Christianity. This movement had the sanction of the Pope. Any individual who participated in the crusade was assured forgiveness for his/her sins and was assured a place in heaven in case of death in the war.

The pilgrims to Jerusalem were tolerated by the earlier Muslim rulers till the invasion by Turks since it helped them monetarily and in trade.

After many crusades, the aim of the movement which was to reach the holy land of Jerusalem digressed to campaigns undertaken to suppress the heretics, pagans and Muslims in different parts of Europe. The impact and the lessons learnt from the crusades were more for the Europeans as compared to the Muslims.

The focus on the crusade kept the attention of the warriors in Europe away from petty internal conflicts. They learnt techniques in many aspects of warfare, such as importance and correct use of archery, cavalry and infantry forces. Many lessons were learnt from the Turks, Mongols and Muslims as well.

The kings and emperors in many parts of Europe found indulgence in chivalric activities more pleasurable. Fighting face to face with the enemies during the crusades opened their channels back to the establishment and formation of armies. European kings and knights began to appreciate the concept of maintenance of military superiority for effective governance.

The learning values for the crusaders did not get limited to the military aspects alone.

Major fallout was benefits through trading with the east. The Europeans were quick to export goods like metal and cloth and slaves as well to the east. In return they imported paper, silk, spices and sugar.

The Europeans benefited by acquiring knowledge of philosophy and mathematics through the Muslims and Byzantines. Influenced by the Madrasa, which was the place of learning in the Muslims, the Europeans established their earliest university in the 12th century.

Revival of tolerance amongst various religions, economies, and communities in this modern world will only be possible when we stop dissecting history with the aim of fault finding and continue to relive the past.

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