What Was The Goal Of The Crusades ?  

The crusades are a series of battles launched by Pope Urban II on November 27th of 1095. The goal was a huge plan to overthrow the Muslims ruling Syria, and attack Seljuk’s of Anatolia and Palestine. A plan was hatched to take over Jerusalem's control from the Egyptians. The crusaders, who were nobles, built five different groups of armies, mainly from France. So in 1906, all noblemen from France set out to liberate the Holy Land.

The common man was not very far from the excitement that was catching up among the nobles. They prepared their own groups of crusade under the guidance of a preacher caller Peter the Hermit. Nevertheless, only a few crusaders managed to find their way to the Middle East or as far as Jerusalem.

The main goal of the crusade was considered to be holy. It was fought in the name of the Holy Land. The crusaders wanted to defeat the Muslims and take back the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Because of the unforeseen attacks, the Muslims became united and they planned their own attacks under the head of Aleppo. Imad ad-Din Sangi, ruler of Al Mawsil and Halab, was a brave man and he fought back ferociously and re-conquered the city of Edessa by 1144.

After facing a defeat at the hand of Muslim leadership, the crusaders launched a second attack in 1145. The crusaders were ambushed, killed mercilessly and they lost the battle once again. The Muslims this time regrouped and started claiming more territories. By 1187, they took back Jerusalem and snatched many more territories from the crusaders. The crusaders only ended up with Typre in Lebanon at the end.

The third crusade was meant to be stronger and a lot more people were hired. However they were able to conquer very few cities along the Mediterranean coast. After this, the crusades were just falling down consistently in position. The fourth crusade was launched in 1202 and lasted till 1204.

The fourth crusade which followed soon after ran into a financial crisis. In order to make up for the losses, Constantinople was taken over. In the year 1217, the fifth crusade began, and the aim of this crusade was to take on Egypt, and get total control over the Sinai Peninsula. However, this attack failed because of the lack of cooperation from newer crusaders. The Roman Emperor at that time, Frederick II, promised to lead the crusade, but he failed because of political pressures in his own country.

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Who Won The Crusades ?      The crusade was started by Pope Urban II in 1905. The main agenda of the crusade was to remove the Turks from Anatolia. It was also meant to restore Rome and the Byzantine Empire which was under a threat at that time. Jerusalem was considered as the Holy Land of Christianity, and the crusaders wanted to reclaim it. Who won the crusades is debatable, as there is never a winner in a war. Both sides faced numerous losses and miseries. More..




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