Children Physical Health In Iraq War  

War never brings any good things to people’s lives or country and it only makes things go from bad to worse. Look at where Afghanistan is today after so much war and hatred. The same is also true for Iraq. The war in Iraq in the present day circumstances is taking a toll on people’s lives and is having a major effect on the lives of children there.

There are more than 1 million children in that country and all are at stake because of the war. The children are living under a great threat and fear of conflict in their country. It is very unfortunate that the children have to go through this. It is having a big impact on their mental and physical health. It was also found that the children here are severely malnourished and facing several health threats due to the high levels of pollution caused due to bombs.

During war everything becomes very difficult like food supply and medicine delivery and many more. Most of the children in this country never go to school out of fear of being attacked by the civilians or the military. They are holed up inside the houses witnessing the blasts of grenades, firing of bullets and loss of lives. It has become their daily routine.  A popular psychiatrist quotes that children exposed to severe war and strife can easily turn into terrorists because they get more attracted to violence at the end of the day. There is no other kind of help available here for the children in the form of emotional form psychiatric help.

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Children Physical Health In Iraq War




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Children Physical Health In Iraq War )
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