Cost Of War In Iraq  

Iraq is the second largest supplier of oil in the entire world and today, nothing can be done because of the ongoing war. The whole world is suffering due to high oil prices and thanks to the war, oil prices are not going to come down any time soon.

Today, the war in Iraq is costing the United States dearly and ever since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have started, the budget for them has been only increasing steadily. On one hand the United States has a deep rooted economic growth problem where people are struggling to keep their jobs and pay their taxes; on the other hand we have the US government funding the Pentagon with $500 billion altogether including homeland security budget. This huge amount will be shared among a few contractors who are going to end up richer.

The operation costs in the war in Iraq alone cost around $300 million a day. Therefore, $500 billion looks as a very optimistic figure. It is estimated that the full course of the war in Iraq would cost the United States to the tune of $700 billion in direct spending without taking into account the indirect spending. One political expert along with the former aide of Bill Clinton put the cost of the war in Iraq as $2 trillon!

No American is benefiting from the Iraq war. They did not care before this if Saddam as alive or dead and they do not care now. The American government went to the extent of publicizing the capture of Saddam so that the American citizens believe in what their government is doing. However, for the common man there are many more worries than Saddam's capture. The cost of the war in Iraq cannot be justified no matter what but unfortunately the common man has no control over the government actions.

The Iraq war has shed light on several of the false policies of the United States of America and their never ending thirst for leadership and power over the world. The quest of being the superpower remains at the cost of others.

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Cost Of War In Iraq




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