Expert Opinion About The War In Iraq  

There has been a new survey conducted about the people’s opinion on the war in Iraq. Also the views of more than 100 war experts including Democrats and Republicans have been taken into account. It was found after interviewing them that there were several people who were pessimistic about the war and this pessimism was deep rooted.

During the Bush government's last six months in office, George W. Bush had decided to step up the ammunitions and troops in Iraq. Also, several felt that the US is compromising on homeland security by spending money on the Iraq. 9 out 10 people did not care whether Democrats or Republicans disagreed with the War but felt that it was unnecessary to send more soldiers to Iraq.

The results that were published in a foreign policy magazine interviewed people who had served the US government in executive positions including former White House staff and also officials in top cabinet posts. It was found that the view points of the experts and the general public were different. However, both came to a common point where they felt that the war was unnecessary. There were very few diplomats who said that the world was not a safe place for the United States anymore. Around 30 percent of the surveyed people were Liberals while the balance were conservatives.

          Among the conservatives nearly forty percent of people felt that America was winning the war against terrorism. However, most common people believe that if America is really fighting terror, then why are they harming civilians who are not terrorists in Iraq and also terrorists are not present in Iraq alone. They are in many other third world country and developing countries which are a more serious threat to world peace and haven for international terrorists.

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Expert Opinion About The War In Iraq




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