How Does Iraq And Afghanistan Think About The War ?  

For the common man in Iraq and Afghanistan their daily life is full of strife. They do not know whether to step out of the house or not. They have even stopped participating in their daily cultural and religious activities. People are always on the move from one village to another trying to keep themselves and their family safe.

They do not know whether they can trust the American soldier. Women are scared that one of the soldiers might just rape them in the already lawless country. Children do not go to school and instead they sit and watch video games that are violent and happenings right outside their door. Even a new born baby is familiar with the sounds of hand grenades and bullets shot from a rifle or pistol. There is not much to speak about the world that they live in.

The people of Iraq and Afghanistan do not know what the outcome of the war will be because as far as they are concerned both the extremists and the soldiers are waging atrocities on them in the name of war. Their own country is run by the terrorists and on the other hand they have an enemy in the country that is fighting the terrorists. So, they are just stuck and suffering the consequences.

Very few civilians in this country participate in military events. They are not terrorists either but often are misunderstood as terrorist by the American soldiers who go to the extent of shooting them. On a popular CNN interview one of the citizens in Iraq was heard saying that they do not understand what is going on but they hope it all ends soon as they just want to return to their own normal life which was much better than what they are facing today.

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How Does Iraq And Afghanistan Think About The War




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How Does Iraq And Afghanistan Think About The War ? )
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