Pros Cons To Going To War With Iraq  

What are the pros and cons of going to war with Iraq? Today, weapons of mass destruction can be easily acquired and if the army can make them, so can the terrorists. Sometimes we wonder if there can be any advantages of a war.

However, in the present day scenario which is full of anti-social elements and terrorists, it is very difficult to say if war is right or wrong. Terrorists only understand the language of war and nothing else. They believe in getting destructed or destructing others. So, the former is better to restore the peace for the remaining people in the world.

The advantage of going to war with Iraq is that terrorism can be brought under control as a lot of funds for the terrorist organizations originate from the country. It is a mineral rich country and anyone can exchange arms for oil. This is what is giving the terrorists the edge over the army of various countries. They possess weapons that are as advanced and complicated as the army weapons. The United States has been repeatedly warning Iraq for disarmament and the US army does a thorough check for arms and ammunition in each village. However, the US army has not managed to disarm the extremists as they are good in disguising themselves as locals. This would explain why so many locals are also killed everyday in Iraq.

Although the war is to cleanse out the terrorists from Iraq, it is the civilians who are suffering. They are being denied basic facilities like healthcare, life saving medications, schooling, education, running water and electricity. To top it up there are bomb blasts nearly everyday claiming innocent lives. An entire generation will grow up knowing nothing but war, violence and death, and this does not portent good for the future of the nation or the world.

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