The Reason We Had The Iraq War  

The latest reason for the Iraq war according to President George W Bush's regime was that the country had vast resources of oil wells and if the United States does not control them, then they will fall into the hands of the terrorists and they will pose a threat to the entire world.

The Bush administration also claimed that by taking the massive step of conquering Iraq, terrorists will have controlled activity and they cannot train their people anymore and send them to attack other countries all over the world including the United States. The US army was trying to establish a naval base which would help them to control the movements of the terrorists. The administration also maintained that the United States' aim was to build an Iraq that can protect itself instead of being a sanctuary protected by the United States.

However, America has been maintaining a standard reason for going to war with Iraq and that is fighting terrorism. The US always believed that the terrorists were headquartered in Iraq because of the abundance of weapons and oil wealth the country has. They can easily exchange oil for weapons or get assistance from rogue countries in developing weapons. Sure enough the weapons of mass destruction surfaced in a UN raid on Iraq but that was during Saddam Hussein's dictatorial rule. These weapons were being used by Saddam Hussein for attacking the people who were helpless and destabilized. His main target was the Kurds. Amidst all this, the US was caught between fighting the unreasonable killing and also finding the terrorists.

However, what the real intentions were behind the Iraq war is still a well kept secret.

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The Reason We Had The Iraq War




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