Timeline For War Against Iraq  

The Iraq invasion took place in 2001 and America fought a vigorous war between March and May of the year. The United States was backed by the British and other countries like Spain, Australia, Poland and Denmark. They all sent their troops to fight in Iraq.

The aftermath of the Iraq war was seen across several countries including India and Pakistan. The current ongoing Iraq war is the direct result of Iraq invasion. The local Kurdish troops were also helping the Americans because they knew the territory well and also knew where the terrorists were harboring in the country. For the soldiers of the United States, the country, the terrain, the language and the heat were something new. They needed local guides to help them out.

The main aim of the current war was disarmament of the weapons of mass destruction. In a broader picture, someone had to do this because weapons that can kill millions at one go in the hands of senseless rulers is dangerous to the entire world.

The Iraq war started after 9/11 attacks that took place in September 2000. After that America sent their troops to find Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in 2002. They started the war in Iraq with the belief that the nation was helping terrorists attack the United States and that the country was also protecting bin Laden as he owned several homes in Iraq. Capturing Saddam Hussein was a major success that US achieved during that year. Also, during that war period at least 30 million people across the world protested against American occupation of Iraq.

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Timeline For War Against Iraq




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