When The War On Iraq Started ?  

The Iraq war started on March 20, 2003 when the United States landed on their soil and launched their first formal attack. After that troops were continuously being sent to the country to fight the terrorists and anti-social elements.

America believed that Saddam Hussein possessed several weapons of mass destruction and he was funding the terrorist attacks and even Osama bin Laden to launch attacks on the United States. The main aim of the war was to seize these weapons and restore a government in Iraq that would be stable and trouble free. Also, Iraq had a lot of oil wealth and most of the world’s oil is concentrated on the plains. It would be destructive if terrorists started controlling it and the United States was protecting the oil wells. However, people found too hard to believe in this concept knowing how oil crazy the United States is. They have the world’s largest consumption in the end.

The Iraq war had to start because that was the only way to capture Saddam Hussein whom the US was desperately after. After the capture of Saddam Hussein, the war should have typically ended in 2003 May itself. However, it did not end and it resurfaced again.

Saddam Hussein was later handed over to the Iraq government to be tried for war crimes against the Iraqi people. He was later found guilty and executed.

The reason for the war in Iraq to continue was to capture the Al Qaeda terrorists who were concentrated in Iraq. The US was insecure to leave the country with the terrorist being present on the same soil.

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When The War On Iraq Started




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