50 Facts On Vietnam War  

There are many veterans and families that would like to forget the Vietnam War completely. However, this tragic war is a reality and it is a must to know facts about it and what the American soldiers endured during their time there.

Here are some facts on Vietnam War:

  • In 1954, Vietnam split into communist North and democratic South.
  • Both the countries went to war after that.
  • The war also included America and Australia.
  • America supported Southern democrats
  • America always hated communism so she sent thousands of American soldiers to South Vietnam
  • Vietnam was dealing with several issues like typhoid and malaria
  • Many American soldiers died due to diseases
  • The North Vietnamese won the war in the end
  • The country reunited as a whole
  • America took a big loss in terms of soldiers
  • Ngo Diem who ruled South Vietnam was assassinated because he was ruthless.
  • America initially supported Diem and later withdrew.
  • After Diem was killed the North and South Vietnam United as one country again.
  • It was a huge celebration for them in May 1963.
  • President Lyndon Johnson was the main person who wanted to stop communism and that why US got involved.
  • During the Vietnam War, North Vietnamese attacked two US destroyers.
  • US started bombing Northern Vietnam rail roads
  • Johnson even tried to Americanize the war
  • Pleiku US base was attacked
  • Nearly 40 thousand American troops were sent to war in Vietnam
  • Biggest troops ever to be sent by US
  • Major loss of lives outside the country ever in the American history.
  • Nearly 58226 American soldiers were killed or missing in action. Their names are listed on the Vietnam Wall
  • 2.59 million People served the war
  • Vietnam War was the biggest "defeat" the US army has ever faced.

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50 Facts On Vietnam War




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