Anti War Movement From Vietnam War  

During the civil rights campaign in 1960, there were several anti war movements also in the United States. People from middle class, colleges, business backgrounds and many others even in the political field were participating in the anti war movements.

The anti war movement of the 1960s actually left a deep impact irrespective of race, cultural background or caste of the people. People stayed united on their decision to protest against war. There were several peace corps involved in the anti war movement during the Vietnam War. What is surprising is that during the 1960s America was dealing with two problems. One was the anti war crusades and the other was civil war. At that time civil war was taking a toll with all the racial discrimination being faced by people. However, still people managed to stand together in the anti war movement that was sweeping America.

There was an invisible bridge between the Civil War and the anti war movement clearly. When the US started bombing North Vietnam, the Peace Corps stepped up their protest and made sure that it was well heard. There were several marches through out the country against the war in Vietnam and in places like California and New York where most of the radicals lived. Nobody wanted war anymore for many reasons but the main reason was that Americans soldiers were dying needlessly and the nation was coming to a major crossroad after every war. People could not afford it anymore. Also, several felt that the US involvement was unnecessary in spite of the growing communalism in Vietnam. However, the anti war movement was brought under control by the country’s own people.

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Anti War Movement From Vietnam War




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