Civilians Serving In The Vietnam War  

The Vietnam War lasted very long and the war started in 1959 and ended in 1975 when North and South Vietnam reunited. It nearly lasted 16 years. The United States of America had a major role to play in the war. Eventually all the allies of the United States like Australia and Cambodia also got involved in the war.

However, most people who went initially from the United States were trained army personnel and then America called for several civilians to take part in the war on their own. Several youngsters joined the army and that is why the maximum number of Americans that were killed in the war was young Americans in the age group of 21 to 23. Also several people from Laos and Cambodia which are the neighboring countries were included in the war.

Many civilians, especially from the South Vietnam, served in the Vietnam War. Their main job was to work as translators and guides for the American soldiers. In return, the civilians received payment and ration. Even the hill tribes took up arms to fight North Vietnam. All the civilians serving in the Vietnam War were either shot by the victorious North Vietnam soldiers or sent to re-education camps.

Within Vietnam, as per the government claims, nearly 20, 00,000 civilians died in the war. The main reasons were the army and the National Liberation Front (NLF) people in Vietnam were prepared to defend themselves and they knew how to escape the attacking armies. However, the civilians, who were helpless and also unarmed, were hurt the most. The South Vietnamese would just come out and assassinate an entire village through bombs and mines and destruction devices. The South Vietnamese armies used techniques like planting mines in slushy fields and unsuspecting farmers would step on them just blowing up themselves and the entire field. This way several civilians died all in the name of war.

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Civilians Serving In The Vietnam War




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Civilians Serving In The Vietnam War )
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