How Long Did The Vietnam War Last ?  

The Vietnam War is the longest war ever to have taken place in the American history. It lasted for 16 years and it was terrible for the Americans at that time as the Civil Rights campaign was at its peak and so also the Vietnam War and anti war protests.

The Vietnam War was mainly between North and South Vietnam and the country split during the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union. It was a war of military conflicts by a large scale. Vietnam was in conflict with Cambodia and Laos also. Vietnam was clearly divided between the communist and the democrats. The United States of America had two reasons to get involved in the war -- one was to end communism and also the other was to oppose the Soviet Union, which was clearly on the opposite side of the game. The United States was strongly in opposition of communism right from the start.

The United States believed that it was preventing the communists from the North from taking over the South and started supporting the leader of the South. In the beginning, the US believed the ideals of Diem, the leader of South Vietnam. However, later on they saw that he was ruthless and killed people mercilessly when it came to the end. The people under his rule could not take his dictatorship anymore and assassinated him in the end which called the end of the war and North and South Vietnam reunited after that.

However, the war that lasted for 16 years took a toll on some thousands of people’s lives. Thousands and thousands of soldier, both Vietnamese and Americans, were either killed or declared missing in action.

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How Long Did The Vietnam War Last




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