How To Teach The Vietnam War To Children ?  

Teaching the aftermath of war and the concepts of war to children is one of the most difficult things to do. Children believe that their world is perfect and it only has Disneyland and fantasy worlds like Peter Pan's Neverland. They are oblivious to wars and destruction that they can wreak.

However, history has to be introduced at the right time, right age and when children can understand why countries went to war. Even the violence in war has to be dealt with carefully. Vietnam War and the Hitler regime are often introduced in high school to children. Children are more mature and understand that military and armies are necessary for a country. However, many students in the United States actually do not know much about the Vietnam War and what caused the war. It is just a huge black hole in their minds.

The Vietnam War concept has to be introduced in as systematic way and the details of it have to be explained in episodes or serials. Books cannot just mention the date of the war and leave it at that. Children often wonder what really happened during that time, how many countries were involved and what the political dynamics were. Though it is very difficult to explain these facts, the political involvement and the relationship between countries can be explained in a simple way to even young children. It could be made in the form of a story for younger children and also give them details in such way that it just looks like one big epic. If a child in 7th grade can understand Harry Potter, he or she can also understand the Vietnam War.

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How To Teach The Vietnam War To Children




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How To Teach The Vietnam War To Children ? )
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