Vietnam War Protesters In America  

Several people protested the Vietnam War in America and some even formed anti war movements in several parts of the country. The main people to protest the war were the Peace Corps. When America started its participation in the Vietnam War, very few people objected to it. The kind of people who objected to the war was politicians from the left wing party, pacifists who were radicals, and the liberals.

Also, everyone knew that America could not afford another war when there is one going on within the country. America was at its peak of the civil rights movements and it could not participate in some other country’s war. The main reason for America joining the Vietnam War was to end communism and get back at the Soviet Union. America had no intentions of sorting out their differences with the Soviet Union at that time either. They both were at the peak of their hostility at that point in time.

25000 people from the United States marched up to Washington in December 1964 and took part in an anti war demonstration. This was the biggest anti war demonstration in the American history. What is surprising is that America had a civil war going on within the country with problems like racial discrimination and Indians on the other side. In spite of that, people were united with the anti war movement cause. Bertrand Russell led the demonstration during 1964. Thereafter, other people in various cities and towns started their own anti war demonstrations and even celebrities joined in with David Miller joining the 1965 anti war demonstration and Mohammed Ali in 1973.

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Vietnam War Protesters In America




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