What Caused The Vietnam War ?  

There were several reasons that caused the Vietnam War. Americans were very nervous about the Domino Theory coming true where the communists will take over the world and they wanted to fight and abolish communism. So they got involved in the war.

The French were ruling Vietnam and they were very harsh on the people of Vietnam. They reserved the rights of making alcohol and selling it only from the French plantations and denied the local people any rights. The Vietnamese were very poor and did not have enough food to eat. The Japanese and the French shared control over Vietnam for their own selfish reasons.

In the year of 1945, Ho Chi Minh, a freedom fighter, declared the country as a free country. The British and Chinese helped the French to return to their own country. The United States had no role to play during that time and had to keep quiet.

The Vietnam War started soon after that in 1945 when the communists and the democrats started fighting. The war between them went on till 1954 and later some peace talks were held at a G summit and the country was divided into north and South Vietnam. The South Vietnamese Leader Ngo Dinh Diem was a tough nut to crack and he refused to hold these peace talks. Immediately both the countries now went to a bigger war.

The United States which was worried about communism spreading in Asia tried to control it by participating in Vietnam War, a war that ended up lasting for 16 long years.

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What Caused The Vietnam War




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