When Did The Vietnam War Start ?  

It is very difficult to tell when any war in history started. It is always a series of events here and there which lead to a war. They occur in a sequence without giving rest to the confusion and in the end become a bigger confusion called war.

The Vietnam War also started much before than people thought where one event led to another and ended up becoming a big war that lasted for more than 16 years actually.

Here is a time line of the vents of the Vietnam War which could be the closest to the actual war. Actually a war is not just about the military involvement but also the strife of the common people. Going by those standards, the actual Vietnam War started much before military involvement.

In 1932, French military was fighting the communist rebels in Vietnam and the United States took an advisory role for China in Saigon. Then China and Britain jointly after many years of negotiation between China, France and other involved countries. The outcome was zero and things were becoming more complicated. The French were made to leave Vietnam and the US had no say in it. They chose to keep quiet. However, the communists continued their fight against the democrats.

The first attack of the war came in November 1955. It is during that time Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam as an independent country to reunite his country men. In 1959, under his leadership he declared an all out military struggle and this is when technically the Vietnam War started with the United States stepping in to the help the democratic South Vietnam.

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When Did The Vietnam War Start




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