Why Did The US Enter The Vietnam War ?  

The main reason for the United States of America to become apart of the Vietnam War was to end communism and since the Soviet Union was involved already, it seemed more inviting for them. Also, during that time the President of the United States declared that any country from their allies if demanded help to end communism, the US would provide it.

However, when the Vietnam War broke out, the Cold War was going on still between the US and the Soviet Union, and the tensions were at its peak. So, the US actually had its plate full of problems to deal with. One was the Civil Rights War within the country, the other was the Vietnam War and another was the Cold War.

In retrospect, the United States did not do much to end communism and it ended on its own. People in the world are not stupid and they do not need a superpower to put an end to their problems. The United States was ardently attracted to the Domino Theory and was actually scared of it. They feared that if Vietnam was taken over by communists, then most of Asia would become communists. That meant that there would have been several superpowers in Asia working together while the United States would be left isolated in one corner of the world without any support. So by ending communism in Vietnam, the United States believed that they could actually prevent communism from taking over and that would also leave the Soviet Union alone. In addition, there were several communists within the United States at that time which made the country all the more insecure.

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Why Did The Us Enter The Vietnam War




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Why Did The Us Enter The Vietnam War ? )
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