Causes Of World War 1  

World War I has been a mystery until today and no historian could actually tell how and when it began. The reasons for the war were also very unclear. The World War I started building much before 1914. It was not the struggle for power that caused the war like World War II. There are several possible explanations.

During the early 1900s there were several alliances and even secret alliances formed between countries. Europe was literally split into two parts with two sets of countries against each other. Some countries did not necessarily agree with their allies’ policies but were forced to cooperate. This trend was noticed soon after the Franco Prussian War.

There was a huge competition among various colonies to take over Africa. During the pre-war years, several countries were actually building their military strength. Also, they started controlling other countries besides their own. Militarism had stronger power in several countries. Also, people from all over the world started exhibiting nationalist feelings and the French gave speeches against Germans and Russians against Austrians, and so on.

All the factors were influencing at the same time and several similar incidents took place during the same time line more or less. Entire Europe was gripped with one country being against the other. All of them had armies and were willing to fight it out. However what really led to the war is unclear. The Balkans region was suddenly in tension when the Archduke of Austria got assassinated in Sarajevo. Germany started supporting Austria and Germany’s enemies stepped up. This is how it World War I started and escalated with all countries joining in.

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Causes Of World War 1




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When-Did-World-War-1-Begin      World War I began in 1914 when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in Sarajevo in the Balkans by Gavrilo Princip. He was the only successor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. More..




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