World War 1 Timeline  

World War I is known as the greatest war to have ever been fought in the history of wars. The war lasted for five years from 1914 to 1919. The war was mainly fought in Europe between countries like Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia. Among these countries, several were allies of each other and then they turned into enemies and also some like Great Britain exploited the situation.

Britain was a carrying a chip on their shoulder against France for a long time and their involvement in war was totally unnecessary and the ultimate motive was to disturb France. The exact time line of events is very difficult to tell during World War I because it was happening all over the continent at parallel times and events were difficult to correlate. However, World War I began in the Balkans and ended in France; covering one whole diameter of the continent.

Serbia and Austria were never on good terms much before the World War. When the Austrian Ambassador and crown Prince Archduke Franz Ferdinand visited the Balkans for peace talks, he was assassinated. Austria-Hungary being a small country could only warn Serbia and they left it at that. Soon enough Germany which was the superpower promised them military support in case they went to war. This encouraged the Austro-Hungarian Empire to wage a war against Serbia two months later in June 1914.

On July 29, 1914, entire Belgrade was bombed by Germany. Russia had to start moving its armies and on July 28, 1914 Germany stopped Russia. Russians were irked and declared war on Germany the same day.

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World War 1 Timeline




World War I :

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