World War I In Palestine  

Palestine was not actually involved in the World War I but suffered the aftermath to a great extent. World War I actually broke up the Ottoman Empire and caused two sects -- the Zionists and the Arabs. This was an anticipated move as an outcome of the war.

The Jewish migration was increased during the World War and the Zionists were expecting help from all the leading nations. The Arab wanted purely Arab domains. This created a rift among the Jews and the Arabs. World War I had several impacts on the Jews world wide and had a detrimental effect on millions of Jews in Europe. The British expelled the Ottoman Turks from Palestine which was their province. So the Turks joined Germany in the war against Britain and France. This sparked a hatred for Jews overall even in Germany.

The Turks along with Germany started fighting repeatedly for repossession of Palestine and at that time Germany was fighting a war against Serbia along with Austria-Hungary. Palestine and Jerusalem became a big question after that between the Arabs and the Jews. The tensions were mounting between the Jews and the Arabs and there was constant war among the two sects.

What started as a war between different nations of the world boiled down to religion and became a major disparity between Palestine and the Arab nation. World War I, however, ended in 1919 but the strife between Arabs and Jews continued in Palestine. In 1920, several Arabs launched a fight and killed hundreds of Jews in the name of Pesach or Passover, a religious festival.

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World War I In Palestine




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