Long Term Outcomes Of World War II  

Political outcome of WW 2 was weakening of western European influence. The countries were devastated militarily and economically and were beginning to get shaped by the other influential countries. The important outcome was the emergence of 2 superpowers, namely USA and the Soviet Union. One of the long term outcomes of World War II was that Western Europe had look towards the US for protection from communism that was flourishing in Eastern Europe under the aegis of USSR.


However, there were several other outcomes of the Second World War. Millions died in Russia. People were killed by various factors, like racial policy of Nazis and communism, German military attacks, starvation caused by policy of Russian government to destroy food supplies during retreat, and enrolment by Russian government for defense against German positions.

The need to win the war saw many technological inventions, improved versions of tanks and invention of atomic bombs for faster and more brutal outcome of war. Certain practical inventions like synthetics and nylon also came by. In France and Italy, women began to vote and in general, women began to get more exposure to work since most men were at war.

Some significant outcomes of WW II were:

  • America came out of the Great Depression apart from France and the UK.
  • The world got divided into 2 units; one led by UK/USA and the other by USSR and later by Communist China. The colonial rule started to end and communism started gaining popularity the world over.
  • The era of cold war between superpowers started and United Nations Organization was formed.
  • In Europe, in the final year of the war, the eastern portion was liberated by the erstwhile USSR, while the western portion by the Allies. Europe was split on the basis of communist and democratic rule.
  • NATO was set up in 1949 and SEAT was set up in 1954 for formulating defense of the nations who entered into different protective treaties.
  • USSR and few others, like France, Poland and Czechoslovakia, continued atrocities against East Europeans, especially Germans.
  • The trend of targeting civilians in attacks also started with World War II. This trend continues even today and is visible all over world where wars are going on. It is particularly evident in Africa.
  • Superpowers started trying to influence developing nations by fighting wars for them on their soil and weakening their economies.
  • Threat of nuclear powers being used by superpowers began to loom.

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Long Term Outcomes Of World War II


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