Why Was The Battle Of Stalingrad Considered A Turning ?  

Many historians claim that the Battle of Stalingrad was the turning point in World War II. However, many people want to know why this is so. The reason is actually very simple. This was the first time that the German army faced defeat in a battle and this defeat was a resounding one. Thereafter, the Germans had to withdraw and retreat from Russia.


The irony of the battle is really strange. The German army was already heading to the Caucasus to capture the oilfields. However, it was Hitler who instructed the army to make a detour and attack Stalingrad. The German 6th army was called upon to lend support to the invading German army.

This move by Hitler was strange. In trying to take over Stalingrad, the German army left a neighboring city unconquered, which allowed the Russian army stationed there to come to the aid of their brethrens in Stalingrad. There are some historians that claim that Hitler wanted to take over Stalingrad only because of the name. Hitler hated Joseph Stalin. And, it was because of the name that Stalin called on the Russian army to save the city.

During the Battle of Stalingrad, the Germany army lost a full group and nearly ninety-one thousand soldiers were taken as prisoners. As a result, the German army was depleted of soldiers as well as equipment and it could not defend itself against the advancing Russian army.

The German army was forced to retreat from the Eastern Front in February 1943. This allowed the Allies and the Russian to attack the Germans from the Eastern as well as the Western Front. With their forces divided, the German army could not confront the onslaught. This brought the Second World War to an end.

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Why Was The Battle Of Stalingrad Considered A Turning


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Battle Of Stalingrad Timeline      The Battle of Stalingrad began on 17th July 1942 and ended on 2nd February 1943. This battle is one of the most significant battles fought during the Second World War. It is believed that this particular battle changed the tide of the war. The Russians were responsible for resounding defeating an invading German army. This was the first time during the course of the war that the German army suffered such a resounding defeat. More..




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