Casualty Figures For D Day June  

D Day was on 6th June 1944 when a combat was initiated by the Allied troops in Normandy against the German troops. The operation was called Operation Overlord, and attacks included both airborne landings and amphibious operation.


Causality reported from the arena of war refers to losses that the fighting force suffers due to death, injury, getting arrested as war prisoner or missing in action. As regards the D-Day, no record could be maintained at that time. Hence, we have no official record of the number of causalities of that operation.

On completion of Operation Overlord or D Day, the total estimate of causalities was 10,000 including 2,500 deaths. The Allied troops comprised of troops from many nations. The approximate loss on D Day country-wise was:

  • British - 2,700 soldiers
  • Canadians - 946 soldiers
  • Americans - 6,603 soldiers


As per current records of the National D Day Memorial Foundation, it has been estimated that the causalities were in real much higher than reported. Number of casualties was recorded with the mention of names of the soldiers and the new estimated figures of the dead were 2,499 for the Americans and 1,915 for the rest of Allied nations.

It was estimated that almost 425,000 troops of the German and Allied forces were lost as casualties in the Battle of Normandy. The Allied forces had approximately 209,000 casualties of which 37,000 were fatal amongst ground forces and 16,714 amongst the air-force.

Germany was estimated to have lost 4,000 to 9,000 soldiers as casualty on D Day. Their losses in the Battle of Normandy were 200,000 killed or injured, while approximately 200,000 were captured as prisoners of war.

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