What Happened On D Day ?  

The day when Allies began war against Germany in the year 1944 at Normandy is commonly referred as D Day. In the Second World War, Germany marched against Poland and seized it which caused France, Great Britain and Canada to march against Germany but the Allies lost their battle with Germany and the France was captured by Germans. In the year 1944, the Allies along with United States fought against the Germans in the beach of Normandy lies at the northwest coast of France.


The American General Dwight D. Eisenhower commanded the troops and the operation was named as Operation Overload, and a bulk of military forces through air, land and water was landed at five different beaches namely Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach, Sword Beach, etc. The Allies also had dropped a huge number of military soldiers into the German soil through air. The Germans defended the Allies very effectively at the beginning of the defense but failed to defend for long which made the Allies entry into the German soil strong.

The Allies constantly bombed the area through planes and blocked the transportation facilities. The Germany started to lose the battle and there were thousands of soldiers shot, killed, missed and mutilated. Around three million troops of Allies gained into the Germany and fought a tough battle against Germans for about two months. At the end of battle with Germany in the Normandy beach, the Allies defeated the Germany and released Paris from the control of Germany.

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Why Is It Called D Day ?      The day when Allies began war against Germany in the year 1944 at Normandy is commonly referred as D Day. The term D Day is generally given to the day when the battle was initiated against the other country. It is also be understood that the term D Day is not only given for the day when the war is initiated, but it is suitable for the day when the measures for the peace is taken, the day when the intrusion strategies are plotted, etc. More..




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