Why Is It Called D Day ?  

The day when Allies began war against Germany in the year 1944 at Normandy is commonly referred as D Day. The term D Day is generally given to the day when the battle was initiated against the other country. It is also be understood that the term D Day is not only given for the day when the war is initiated, but it is suitable for the day when the measures for the peace is taken, the day when the intrusion strategies are plotted, etc.


The word D Day was first used at the time of First World War to denote the day of operation as a code word among the military. It became popular only after the battle of Normandy. The chief officials of the army and the military forces would devise how to execute the attack based on the D Day. The D Day would help the planners to plot and prepare for any situation to face the battle in an orderly manner and thus the D Day is important with respect to the issues of military plans and perspective.

The military force of a country protects the nation from the invasion of other country into it and thus they maintain a high level of security and secrecy because of which they come up with confidential codes to communicate among them. These codes enable the battle to be confidential and successful. They also prevent the opposing military force to know about the plan, time and day of operation. The other similar codes used in the military language are C Day, E Day, and V Day.

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