Adolf Hitler Childhood  

Adolph Hitler is remembered by everyone until today because he was responsible for three of the major catastrophes in the world, namely the Holocaust, the World War II, and finally the Cold War. Israel, which is still suffering till today, is because of Hitler or else the nation may have never come into existence in the first place.

Often people wonder what kind of a child Hitler would have been if he was so tough and unreasonable in adulthood. Born on the 20 April 1889, Hitler was the fourth child in the family.  He was born in Austria. Hitler had a violent and troubled childhood where he had an abusive father. Hitler has gone through physical violence and also has seen his mother go through the same. Hitler was known to be a quiet child with not many friends and the people who taught him said that he was an obedient child. Hitler was sent to Vienna after his parents' death to study art and was living on a small heritance from his father and an orphan’s pension. He had two Jewish friends in his growing up years and during that time he started developing a strong hatred for Jewish people.

After growing up, Hitler joined the Nazi party that only made his hate for the Jewish community stronger. Nobody knows exactly why Hitler hated the Jews and one probable reason was that it could have been a communal feeling. His strong hatred for the community only came alive when he started killing people in masses.

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Adolf Hitler Childhood




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