Did Hitler Shoot Himself  

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Hitler’s death. While some people say he consumed poison, some others say he shot himself and others believe he just died by dropping down to the floor. However, the story that is most popular is that Adolph Hitler shot himself on 30 April 1945 that is 10 days after his birthday just before the Soviet army captured the bunker he was staying in Berlin.

One of the possible explanations is that Adolph Hitler was scared of giving up his hero status and after being sure that his bunker was captured he did not want to surrender. So he shot himself instead. He was responsible for killing millions of Jews, gypsies and other minorities in Europe and it was strange to believe that he died out of remorse. Many of his people believed that he was remorseful about his deeds but given the state of his mind at the time of his death, this cannot be anything but falsity.

Strangely his dog Blondie died on the same day and many believe that he gave the dog cyanide because the chemical was found in the dog's blood. It is quite possible that Hitler initially tested the cyanide on his dog and then decided he would shoot himself.

However, there is evidence to support that Hitler consumed poison too and it is quite possible that he wanted to die as a family with his dog who was very dear to him. However, the poison may not have worked on Hitler and that is why he may have resorted to shooting himself before the Russians captured him.

Hitler’s biggest fear during the war was being caught and assassinated so it does not sound strange that he preferred killing himself.

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Did Hitler Shoot Himself




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How-Did-Hitler-Die      Hitler died by shooting himself on the 30 April in 1945 using a pistol. Many believe that he did it because his bunker was captured by the Russian army. At that time he was with his dog Blondie and his wife Eva. He used cyanide for his dog and his wife and then also had the cyanide himself. More..




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