How Did Hitler Die ?  

Hitler died by shooting himself on the 30 April in 1945 using a pistol. Many believe that he did it because his bunker was captured by the Russian army. At that time he was with his dog Blondie and his wife Eva. He used cyanide for his dog and his wife and then also had the cyanide himself.

However, because he had an overdose of cyanide, it did not work on him and Hitler ended up shooting himself.

Now there are several different versions of this story. Some believe that because he saw his wife and his beloved dog die, he did not have the courage to live and immediately shot himself. Some believe that he was testing the effectiveness of cyanide on them first and miscalculated that he would need a much higher dose and that is why he had an overdose of the cyanide.

Some people believe that he had more cyanide so that he does not realize when he was shooting himself. Hitler was the biggest racist that ever existed in the world. No one ever killed so many people in the name of race on the face of the earth. People hated him and they hate him for what he did to millions of people even today. He became one example that no one would like to take or follow.

Hitler was very egotistic and masochistic person. He would do anything but surrender and when he knew that the enemies have captured his bunker, he was left with no choice but to shoot himself or allow the enemies to capture him alive. He chose the former. As a masochistic person, Hitler took it upon himself to decide the fate of his wife and dog.

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How Did Hitler Die




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