How Many People Did Hitler Kill ?  

It is difficult to say how many people Hitler might have actually killed and it could be many millions worldwide. If he did not die, today there would not have been even one Jew who was spared. Hitler hated the Jewish community and wanted to erase them from the face of the Earth. A rough estimate points that around 11 million people died during the terror reign of Hitler.

However, Hitler did not kill anyone directly and this might come as a shock to many. With his own hands he did not kill even one single person. However, as a Nazi leader he had convinced one million Germans to go to war and they were killing the Jews left right and center.

Books like Exodus actually speak of Hitler’s mastermind clearly. The Nazis were killing the Jews voluntarily and on their own desire. It was not just the Jews but also people like radicals, gypsies, homosexuals, Catholics, liberals, colored people and any person who had some fault or the other had to be killed. Many innocent people who led normal lives were killed too just under suspicion. Hitler brought about events that were so gory and the whole history was one ghastly story.

However, a person like Hitler stayed alive because his people supported him in the end by fueling his desire to kill. There was nothing glorious about it and yet they did it. People got arms and ammunitions freely to moral police everyone around them. Anyone could judge anybody’s character and assassinate whom ever they want without reason. If a prostitute had a child, then even the baby was killed because it did not deserve to live with a prostitute mother. Such were the times.

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How Many People Did Hitler Kill




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