Why Did Hitler Persecute The Jews ?  

Why Hitler hated the Jews and why he had them killed is a question that no one can answer accurately but him. However, the fact that he killed millions of Jews remains a harsh reality even today and many people keep wondering why a sect was targeted.

Actually Hitler did not go out personally and kill even one of the Jews. He created a mass hatred among his followers as a Nazi leader and the millions of people that loved him became mindless robots and started furthering his progrom. He later created a concept where he started calling the Jews homosexuals and soon enough people started acting mindlessly again and started killing anyone they suspected of homosexuality. 

The main reasons for Hitler to hate Jews could have been personal reasons, political reasons, communism, homeland feeling and many more or all of them put together. However, Hitler carried a strong hatred to Jews since childhood. But then as a child he would not have had any political reason to hate them or he would not have identified with communalism either. One possibility is that it could be a personal reason for him, to hate the Jews. Hitler was very jealous of the Jews because of their success and they held very important positions in the country he was born and that country was Austria.

Several people called Germany a Jew country because there were too many of them and Hitler did not like it. Hitler’s parents were also racists and they believed in anti Semitism. It is quite possible that Hitler blamed the Jews for his family's economic problems and this slowly festered into hatred leading him to persecute Jews when he finally had the might and power to do so.

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Why Did Hitler Persecute The Jews




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