How Many People Did Hitler Kill ?  

How Many People Did Hitler Kill

It is difficult to say how many people Hitler might have actually killed and it could be many millions worldwide. If he did not die, today there would not have been even one Jew who was spared. Hitler hated the Jewish community and wanted to erase them from the face of the Earth. A rough estimate points that around 11 million people died during the terror reign of Hitler.More...



Why Did Hitler Hate The Jews ?

Why Did Hitler Hate The Jews

If we look back into history, one figure stands out. This figure relates to the number of Jews that were killed during the Second World War. More than 6 million Jews were systematically annihilated by the Nazi on orders of Hitler. This often makes people wonder why did Hitler hate the Jews. What was it about them that made him detest them to just an extent that he wanted to exterminate them from the face of the earth?More...



Adolf Hitler Childhood

Adolf Hitler Childhood

Adolph Hitler is remembered by everyone until today because he was responsible for three of the major catastrophes in the world, namely the Holocaust, the World War II, and finally the Cold War. Israel, which is still suffering till today, is because of Hitler or else the nation may have never come into existence in the first place.More...

Did Hitler Shoot Himself ?

Did Hitler Shoot Himself

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Hitler’s death. While some people say he consumed poison, some others say he shot himself and others believe he just died by dropping down to the floor. However, the story that is most popular is that Adolph Hitler shot himself on 30 April 1945 that is 10 days after his birthday just before the Soviet army captured the bunker he was staying in Berlin.More...

.Why Did Hitler Persecute The Jews ?

Why Did Hitler Persecute The Jews

Why Hitler hated the Jews and why he had them killed is a question that no one can answer accurately but him. However, the fact that he killed millions of Jews remains a harsh reality even today and many people keep wondering why a sect was targeted.More...







World War II:

How-Did-Hitler-Die      Hitler died by shooting himself on the 30 April in 1945 using a pistol. Many believe that he did it because his bunker was captured by the Russian army. At that time he was with his dog Blondie and his wife Eva. He used cyanide for his dog and his wife and then also had the cyanide himself. More..




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