How Many People Died During The Holocaust ?  

It is estimated that about 11 million people died during the Holocaust. However, the exact number is not known and in all probability it must be much higher than the estimate. Thousands of those killed were not even mentioned in the record books of several concentration camps spread across Nazi occupied Europe, especially Poland.


What led to this genocide is still hotly debated. However, based on all the evidence, Hitler was adamant about the superior German race and wanted to destroy and kill other races that could dilute the German race. So, this propaganda led to mass extermination of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, but it were the Jews that bore the major brunt of this ideological misbelief.

The groups targeted by the Nazis for extermination included primarily the Jews, gypsies and Jehovah's witnesses. However, anyone who opposed Hitler and his ideologies was killed without trial or remorse.

More than six million Jews died during the Holocaust. When Hitler came to power, his first action was to ban the Jews from entering public places, such as schools, parks and theaters. They were not even allowed to work in government jobs. The Jews were forced to wear a yellow Star of David, so that they could be identified by anyone. As Hitler's megalomaniac tendencies increased, so did the atrocities on the Jews. Soon they were being evicted from their homes, losing their business and were being made to stay in cramp areas known as ghettos. From here, the Jews were transported to concentration camps where they were either killed or put to work under inhumane conditions.

After the Jews, Hitler hated the gypsies the most. No one knows the reason for this, but rumor has it that Hitler did not like them because they used to practice witchcraft. Just like the Jews, thousands and thousands of gypsies from across Nazi occupied Europe were systematically slaughtered.

In 1933, when Hitler ascended to power, there were around twenty thousand Jehovah's witnesses living in Germany. However, with the rise of the Nazis, they were banned from practicing their religion. This did not deter the believers and they continued practicing their religion in private. However, the ones who caught were dispatched to concentration camps. It is believed that 10,000 of the Jehovah's witnesses living in Germany were transported to concentration camps during the Holocaust. How many of them perished in the camps is still not known.

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How Many People Died During The Holocaust


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