How Did Mussolini Come To Power ?  

Benito Mussolini, the founder of National Fascist Party, came to power in 1921 winning 35 seats in the election held at Italy. The King Victor Emmanuel III called Mussolini to form the government in Rome in the year 1922, on checking the March on Rome arranged by Mussolini. The king made Mussolini the Italian prime minister in 1922. 

          Even though, Italy was not defeated in World War I, it did face the bitter experience of economic and social problems caused by the war. Many Italians offended that the Italy was cheated by the Allies in the territorial gains according to the Treaty of Versailles. They also blamed the weakness of ruling politicians which brought a political transition to democratic parliamentary where the political parties are involved in establishing the government. The Fascist Party headed by Mussolini gained majority in the election and established the government.

After gaining the power, the dictator Mussolini wanted to modify the Roman Empire that made him to involve in Spanish Civil War. He suppressed the non-fascist parties and the opposing press. The Italy started to grow as an independent state and the government took control of education system, corporate sectors and the press. These steps gave people a sensation of contempt and bitterness against the government. He started a secret police force called OVRA to investigate the political affairs. He was named as Il Duce, which means the leader when translated into English. Mussolini brought many social and political remedies at the time of need and became an supreme ruler.

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